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Lothamer is pleased to announce a new team member

Sam OwensWe have a new addition to the Lothamer family in our office, Sam Owens, as our “New Client Coordinator.” Sam is an EA or “Enrolled Agent,” and got his certification in 2015 and worked in the tax industry since…

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August 2018 Newsletter

Payroll Taxes Delinquent Payroll Taxes Are Aggressively Pursued By The IRS & State Authorities and Put Many Companies Out of Business. Let Us Help Your Business. The IRS and State agencies take payroll tax debt very seriously: delinquent Employment Payroll…

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Tips For Deducting Travel Expenses

As you likely know by now, your travel meals continue under tax reform as tax-deductible meals subject to the 50 percent cut. And tax reform did not change the rules that apply to your other travel expense deductions. One beauty…

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5 Tax Home Tips

The fact that your personal home is not your tax home is one income tax issue. Here’s another: business travel is different from business transportation. Your tax deductions, tax strategies, and tax records hinge on the following federal income tax–defined…

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Planning Your Tax Deductible Business Life

You can plan your tax-deductible business life to avoid cold winters and hot summers. Spend a moment examining the following four short paragraphs that contain the basic facts from the Andrews case. For six months of the year, from May through October,…

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