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Installment Agreements

Establishing an installment agreement with the IRS is no simple task. Let us negotiate a payment plan you can live with.

Request an IRS Installment Agreement

When you owe significant back taxes, with interest and penalties, seeing the full number in a letter from the IRS can be a gut-wrenching experience. If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, the IRS will generally, at a minimum, require payments to be made over time, unless you qualify for a Not Collectable Status.

Though the IRS collects interest on these payment plans, an installment agreement is considered resolution, and if payments are timely made according to the agreement, you avoid getting your income levied and your assets seized. At Lothamer Tax Resolution, we’ll fight to negotiate a payment plan that you can live with, not one merely dictated by the IRS.

For anyone owing less than $50,000, a payment plan can be requested directly on line with the IRS. However, all required tax returns must be filed. Furthermore, the required payment must pay off the entire debt over the remaining statute of limitations, something you may not be able to accomplish.

A tax lien may be filed by the IRS in exchange for granting an Installment Agreement, unless you owe below a certain amount and elect to pay by direct debit.

How We Can Help You Negotiate an Installment Agreement

The IRS offers short-term payment plans for those who can pay back what they owe in 180 days or less. But for those who owe more than they can pay in 180 days, or who cannot full pay over the remaining statute of limitations for collections, successfully obtaining an installment agreement that you can live with can be a difficult process to negotiate. Payment plans for large balances due are not automatic. Some repayment plan requests get referred to a local Revenue Officer and require an investigation of the person’s assets and income. IRS may tell you a large monthly payment is required because of the limited remaining time left for IRS to collect, but you may be entitled to what is called a Partial Payment Plan, one that is based upon your collectability (ability to pay), yet does not full pay the IRS before the statute of limitations runs out. At Lothamer, we have negotiated hundreds, if not thousands, of Partial Payment Plans. In many instances, this is better than filing an Offer in Compromise since it is faster and less expensive. Let Lothamer represent you and negotiate a realistic payment plan on your behalf, whether it pays off your balance or not before the time-period runs out for the IRS

If you owe a large sum to the IRS, and do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, or want to know whether you qualify for an Offer in Compromise, get the experience of Lothamer to advise you, and if an Installment Agreement is required, Lothamer will help negotiate a realistic payment plan or even a Not-Collectable Status.

Tax Resolution Success Stories

Awesome experience. I was extremely stressed out due to some issues I had with backed taxes. I felt instant relief after my first consultation with Jesse. The whole team was very kind and very comforting in my experience. My life is on a way better track since working with Lothamer.

Stephen - Lansing, MI

Great service and outstanding staff!

George C. - Peoria, IL

Amazing service! Very kind and helpful. Answered every question I had in a timely manner and walked me through their whole process.

Sarah B. - Chicago, IL
Tax Resolution Success Stories

All of the Lothamer people are so helpful and knowledgeable. We had a lot of issues to clean up and they were quick and thorough. We are breathing easier thanks to them!

Marina B. - South Bend, IN

Lothamer took care of my IRS tax needs in a very efficient manner. Convenient and expedient, kindness without judgment. The IRS worked with Lothamer quickly. An installment payment that I can afford on a fixed income. Andrew Campbell provided excellent service. I could not have done this alone.

Kathy - Ann Arbor, MI

We are so grateful for all their help. From the Secretary to the Lawyers everyone is so invested in helping you from beginning to the end of your case.Thank you so much.

Tracy M. - Southfield, MI
Your Roadmap to Resolution Starts Here

Within the first 24–72 hours, we can do more than what most other tax firms do in several weeks.


CALL OUR OFFICE To Learn More About Our Process For Getting Same Day Tax Help

For a reasonable fee we will call the IRS and Request a Stay on Collection, obtain transcripts as to years unfiled, balances due, and income reported to the IRS, and provide you with a consultation within three days with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.



Our meeting with you will be a virtual meeting, using our proprietary video conferencing software, performed in the privacy of your office, home, or vehicle, with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent to learn about our findings, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan to resolve your tax problem. At this meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for the services to carry out the plan developed.


IMPLEMENT THE PLAN Developed in Step 2

Upon accepting the Terms & Conditions in our service agreement as outlined in Step 2, we will immediately go to work solving your tax problem. We will get you set up in our eResolution Client Portal, giving you access to critical deadlines and next steps to view the progress of your case.

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