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Can’t Pay Your Back Taxes?

No matter how much you owe or how far behind you are, it’s in your best interest to get help before the IRS comes after you.

Get Help Tackling Your Back Taxes

Whether you have years of unfiled tax returns, have recently come into an inheritance, or are a business owner struggling with delinquent payroll taxes, one thing is certain: owing back taxes is a fight to keep what you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s frighteningly easy to get behind, and once you do, the interest and penalties that pile up can quickly snowball into a seemingly unmanageable debt, threatening your assets, your livelihood, and your future.

But no matter how complex or overwhelming the situation feels, you have every reason to keep fighting—there are solutions within your grasp. And your odds of effectively negotiating a settlement with the IRS or state tax agencies are improved dramatically when you have a trusted tax resolution professional on your side. In fact, Lothamer’s rate of acceptance for IRS Offer in Compromise agreements exceeds 90%—triple that of people who try to face tax agencies alone. From shoeboxes full of receipts to barely any documents at all, we’ve seen just about every tax situation and used our wealth of experience to bring it to a favorable resolution.

If you owe the IRS a sizable debt, seeking help can mean the difference between keeping and losing your paycheck, your home, your business, and more.

How a Licensed Tax Professional Can Help You Resolve Your Debt

Although every person’s case is unique, the overarching goal of the IRS and other tax entities is to collect as much as possible and bring you into compliance. However, they recognize that circumstances such as financial hardship can make it difficult or impossible for you to pay the full amount you owe or to make one lump-sum payment, especially with all the added interest and penalties. Take it upon yourself to hire a tax resolution firm like Lothamer, one that combines the skill sets and expertise of CPAs, attorneys, and Enrolled Agents.

We can use the IRS’s recognition that not all tax debt can be, or will be, collected. That is why the IRS has options for resolving delinquent tax debt. But these options are not readily apparent or known to the average person, let alone the average CPA or attorney. Lothamer has the experience and knowledge to navigate the various programs for tax debt resolution. For some clients, that may mean an Offer in Compromise. For others, it may mean negotiating an installment agreement or currently non-collectible status, or filing original or amended tax returns. Whatever the case, we’ve seen it all, from undoing married filing joint returns for people who thought they were married to people getting fraudulent 1099s for someone else’s income.

Tax Resolution Success Stories

I found my experience with this firm to be very helpful. The staff was personable and put me at ease. I would highly recommend.

Sean M. - South Bend, IN

Tax debt is overwhelming and Lothamer knows how to fix the problem. They walk their clients through the whole process! They are amazing.

Marie B. - Naperville, IL

I have been trying for 8 yrs to help my daughter with her tax problem. Once we were in contact with Lothamer we were treated professionally and quickly. Our final outcome was very acceptable and even a little surprising. I couldn’t have asked for more to have this issue behind us.

Gerald - Kalamazoo, MI
An Open Laptop Computer Sitting On Top Of A Wooden Table
An Open Laptop Computer Sitting On Top Of A Wooden Table
Tax Resolution Success Stories

Great people to work with. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Donald H. - Milwaukee, WI

Lothamer is the best tax consultants we’ve ever dealt with. No problems getting us back on track with our taxes. Very efficient and service was quick.

Sunny G. - Chicago, IL

I want to thank Lothamer Tax Resolution for their factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge used to effectively resolve my tax problems. Problems that many other agencies considered too complicated to solve. Their professionalism, patience, compassion and determination will never be forgotten. I highly recommend them without reservation.

Valerie H. - Southfield, MI
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table
Your Roadmap to Resolution Starts Here

Within the first 24–72 hours, we can do more than what most other tax firms do in several weeks.


CALL OUR OFFICE To Learn More About Our Process For Getting Same Day Tax Help

For a reasonable fee we will call the IRS and Request a Stay on Collection, obtain transcripts as to years unfiled, balances due, and income reported to the IRS, and provide you with a consultation within three days with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.



Our meeting with you will be a virtual meeting, using our proprietary video conferencing software, performed in the privacy of your office, home, or vehicle, with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent to learn about our findings, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan to resolve your tax problem. At this meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for the services to carry out the plan developed.


IMPLEMENT THE PLAN Developed in Step 2

Upon accepting the Terms & Conditions in our service agreement as outlined in Step 2, we will immediately go to work solving your tax problem. We will get you set up in our eResolution Client Portal, giving you access to critical deadlines and next steps to view the progress of your case.

DID YOU KNOW: Most tax problems are with self-employed individuals who are good at their trade, but never received good advice on how to set up their business and pay their taxes. Unfortunately, they are advised to set up a single member LLC and pay their taxes quarterly, which is about the worst system for staying current. Learn new methods that automatically pay your taxes based upon cash flow, not profit, and certainly not in arrears.

It Pays To Get Current!

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