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Offer in Compromise Negotiation

Offer in Compromise deals can dramatically reduce the amount of tax debt you owe. Let Lothamer handle everything.

Offer in Compromise Help You Can Count On

Owing a large tax debt can feel like being stranded in the ocean, fighting against a rising tide of penalties and threats to your very livelihood. But no matter how far in debt you are, there’s no reason to give up hope. Solutions like an IRS Offer in Compromise-Doubt As To Collectibility can be the lifesaver you’re looking for—a way to pull yourself out of the whirlpool and settle for as little as 10% of the total debt you owe. Why would the IRS do this, one might ask. The reason is simple, you no longer have the income, nor the assets, you once had that generated the large tax debt still due. So not everyone qualifies for a settlement. You might be somewhere between qualifying and not qualifying, but one thing is certain, there is some form of relief available.

The IRS and state tax agencies have strict guidelines to decide who qualifies for an Offer in Compromise based upon Doubt As To Collectibility. It’s a settlement agreement, based on your income, assets, and allowable living expenses. It’s all a matter of determining your collectability, and no one knows how to calculate that better than Lothamer. Knowing the rules is critical for successfully negotiating a settlement for less than what you owe and for one that you can afford to pay. It does no good to negotiate a 75% reduction if you are unable to pay it.

There are two other types of Offer in Compromises, and those are Offer in Compromise-Doubt As To Liability and Offer in Compromise-Effective Tax Administration.

Doubt as to Liability offers are based on a taxpayer’s contention that they either do not owe the tax they have been assessed or that the amount is incorrect. In order to qualify, the taxpayer must provide a written explanation as to why they do not owe the tax either in part or in full, and provide documentation supporting their position. This type of offer is generally filed when the statute of limitations for filing an amended tax return has expired.

Finally, Effective Tax Administrative offers are for those taxpayers that have equity in assets, the value of which is greater than the balance due the IRS. However, doing so would cause a financial hardship. An example might be an individual living on a fixed income of disability benefits whose home has been modified to accommodate their disability. If forced to sell their home to pay the IRS, it would cause them an undue financial hardship to purchase a new home and modify the new home to suit their medical needs.

To find out what’s available for you, call us. The consultation is well worth it. We’re ready to take action TODAY.

We Can Help Get the IRS to Accept Your Offer in Compromise

Qualifying for an Offer in Compromise is less than half the battle. Preparing and negotiating a settlement is a tedious and complicated process that can take anywhere from six months to a year to complete. Trying to do it yourself is much like representing yourself in a criminal trial—Don’t do it! To give yourself the best chance of a favorable outcome, you need a trusted tax resolution specialist on your side.

At Lothamer Tax Resolution, we have a 93% acceptance rate for OIC settlements. We can tell you if you are a good candidate or not, and if not, there are other forms of relief available. Most importantly, let us help you take your life back. Put our expertise to work for you.

Offer in Compromise Success Stories

I have worked with the people at Lothamer for over a year and have only good things to say…. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and the whole process was made as low stress as possible. Despite delays caused by the government shut-down, my issues were successfully resolved. If you have serious tax issues to deal with involving either the state or the IRS, I would not hesitate to recommend Lothamer Tax Resolution.

Frederick - Ann Arbor, MI

I can’t say enough about this firm. They took care of that black cloud that was hanging over my head, and did so professionally and communicated with me every step of the way. Not only did they take care of my tax issues they saved me thousands of dollars. Easy to work with, worth every penny and I can’t thank them enough! If I could leave 10 stars I would!

Denny B. - Traverse City, MI

Before coming to Lothamer I thought there was no way to settle with the IRS without having my wages or bank account mostly taken. Lothamer was the best choice I could ever have made. Thanks you for helping me out of this situation that was haunting me.

Nicholas - Traverse City, MI
Offer in Compromise Success Stories

I have been trying for 8 yrs to help my daughter with her tax problem. Once we were in contact with Lothamer we were treated professionally and quickly. Our final outcome was very acceptable and even a little surprising. I couldn’t have asked for more to have this issue behind us.

Gerald - Kalamazoo, MI

Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and helpful. The burden off my shoulders was tremendous after getting everything taken care of.

Brad - Detroit, MI

The level of professionalism maintained at Lothamer is impressive. They handled my tax issue with ease and all I had to do was sign some papers.

Pete - Kalamazoo, MI
Your Roadmap to Resolution Starts Here

Within the first 24–72 hours, we can do more than what most other tax firms do in several weeks.


CALL OUR OFFICE To Learn More About Our Process For Getting Same Day Tax Help

For a reasonable fee we will call the IRS and Request a Stay on Collection, obtain transcripts as to years unfiled, balances due, and income reported to the IRS, and provide you with a consultation within three days with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.



Our meeting with you will be a virtual meeting, using our proprietary video conferencing software, performed in the privacy of your office, home, or vehicle, with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent to learn about our findings, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan to resolve your tax problem. At this meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for the services to carry out the plan developed.


IMPLEMENT THE PLAN Developed in Step 2

Upon accepting the Terms & Conditions in our service agreement as outlined in Step 2, we will immediately go to work solving your tax problem. We will get you set up in our eResolution Client Portal, giving you access to critical deadlines and next steps to view the progress of your case.

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