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Payroll Taxes

Delinquent payroll taxes are aggressively pursued by the IRS & State Authorities. Let us help your business weather the storm.

Get Help with Unpaid Payroll Taxes

Payroll taxes are the most aggressively collected and penalized of all tax types. And as the IRS grows and evolves, the level of scrutiny they place on business owners is likely to increase with them. What’s worse, federal and state payroll tax laws give the government much greater power to recover what your business owes in cases like these, coming after your property, your assets, and even you personally.

It doesn’t take long to get in hot water where payroll is involved. With substantial penalties and high interest rates that increase by the week, two quarters of payroll delinquency can be enough to put a company out of business. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With a trusted tax professional on your side, you may be able to save your business and reembark on your American Dream with confidence.

If your business is experiencing payroll tax problems or a reclassification of workers from independent contractors to employees, contact us as soon as possible.

How We Can Help Settle Back Payroll Tax Problems

Lothamer has successfully represented thousands of large and small businesses with payroll tax issues and other business tax problems. Our team of Enrolled Agents, CPAs and tax attorneys, will fight for you to reduce the amount you owe and keep your business operating. Our accounting and legal backgrounds give us the knowledge to restructure your operations, get you current, and help you stay compliant moving forward. Let us worry about the IRS so you can focus on running your business.

Payroll Tax Success Stories

First time I have been able to get an honest, straightforward answer to my tax issue. Thank you!

Janet F. - Fort Wayne, IN

We are very pleased with Lothamer representation of our case and outcome they achieved for us. Lothamer was polite helpful and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

Tommy - Ovid, MI

Lothamer is the best tax consultants we’ve ever dealt with. No problems getting us back on track with our taxes. Very efficient and service was quick.

Sunny G. - Chicago, IL
Payroll Tax Success Stories

Required Tax resolution going back numerous years needing to amend returns and had superb assistance from Lothamer Tax Services! Highly recommend getting their advice in resolving tax issues!

John K. - Naperville, IL

Lothamer successfully helped me get a substantial OIC that will allow me to get back to rebuilding my financial status. Lothamer was very good to work with.

Mark - Troy, MI

When I contacted Lothamer I was at my wits end. I had no idea what to do. Lothamer guided me through the process. There were no false promises just real facts. Everyone I spoke with was very knowledgeable. Keep doing what you are doing being honest and straight forward with clients.

Willie - Redford, MI
Your Roadmap to Resolution Starts Here

Within the first 24–72 hours, we can do more than what most other tax firms do in several weeks.


CALL OUR OFFICE To Learn More About Our Process For Getting Same Day Tax Help

For a reasonable fee we will call the IRS and Request a Stay on Collection, obtain transcripts as to years unfiled, balances due, and income reported to the IRS, and provide you with a consultation within three days with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.



Our meeting with you will be a virtual meeting, using our proprietary video conferencing software, performed in the privacy of your office, home, or vehicle, with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent to learn about our findings, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan to resolve your tax problem. At this meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for the services to carry out the plan developed.


IMPLEMENT THE PLAN Developed in Step 2

Upon accepting the Terms & Conditions in our service agreement as outlined in Step 2, we will immediately go to work solving your tax problem. We will get you set up in our eResolution Client Portal, giving you access to critical deadlines and next steps to view the progress of your case.

DID YOU KNOW: Payroll taxes carry the potential for personal liability for officers, bookkeepers, and anyone with check writing authority. Let us help you limit the scope of who may be personally responsible for unpaid payroll taxes.

It Pays To Get Current!

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