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Penalty & Interest Abatement

Reduce your tax debt and stop accumulating interest TODAY with help from Lothamer Tax Resolution.

Get Help Requesting an IRS Penalty Abatement

The IRS and state tax agencies impose penalties in an attempt to persuade people to file and pay their taxes on time. But sometimes, serious circumstances force even the most well-intentioned taxpayers to get behind—in fact, it’s much more common than you might think. Dealing with the penalties and interest while juggling the situation that put you behind in the first place is tough—but at Lothamer, we’re here to help you get tax relief while you focus on what matters.

Let us help compose a request for Penalty Abatement detailing all the events that were going on in your life at the time your penalties began accumulating. We can help you show that you had a reasonable cause for getting behind on your taxes. If granted, a Penalty Abatement can remove the penalties accrued, and potentially even get you a refund for any past penalties and interest on penalties that you’ve already paid.

Don’t let IRS penalties continue to snowball due to circumstances outside your control. Stop collections TODAY with Lothamer.

What is Reasonable Cause for IRS Penalty Abatement?

To qualify for Penalty Abatement, we’ll need to prove that you had a reasonable cause for getting behind on your taxes. According to the IRS, valid reasons for failing to file or not paying your debt on time can include:

  • First Time Penalty Abatement for having a clean record for three prior years
  • Fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters
  • An inability to get your records (for example, someone else has your records )
  • A death or serious illness in your immediate family
  • Technical issues that interfere with timely e-Filing or payment

Penalty abatement is another option available to reduce what you owe, especially when you don’t qualify for an Offer in Compromise. At Lothamer, we’ll examine every option to reduce your overall tax debt, provide real relief, and help you take your life back.

Tax Resolution Success Stories

They helped. I didn’t know what to do to resolve my tax debt until I contacted Lothamer. They took care of everything.

Nicole G. - Rockford, IL

First time I have been able to get an honest, straightforward answer to my tax issue. Thank you!

Janet F. - Fort Wayne, IN

Everyone I dealt with was knowledgeable and helpful. The burden off my shoulders was tremendous after getting everything taken care of.

Brad - Detroit, MI
Tax Resolution Success Stories

I appreciated the dedication and professionalism of all the Lothamer members that assisted in resolving my tax issue with the IRS. We were able to achieve a good compromise settlement.

Larry - Garden City, MI

Very professional company. From the first phone consultation to the final results, which were outstanding, I was kept up to date on all issues. Andrew Campbell was very helpful with all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Lothamer Tax Resolution to anyone for all their tax needs.

Cara S. - Fort Wayne, IN

Required Tax resolution going back numerous years needing to amend returns and had superb assistance from Lothamer Tax Services! Highly recommend getting their advice in resolving tax issues!

John K. - Naperville, IL
Your Roadmap to Resolution Starts Here

Within the first 24–72 hours, we can do more than what most other tax firms do in several weeks.


CALL OUR OFFICE To Learn More About Our Process For Getting Same Day Tax Help

For a reasonable fee we will call the IRS and Request a Stay on Collection, obtain transcripts as to years unfiled, balances due, and income reported to the IRS, and provide you with a consultation within three days with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent.



Our meeting with you will be a virtual meeting, using our proprietary video conferencing software, performed in the privacy of your office, home, or vehicle, with a licensed attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent to learn about our findings, discuss your options, and provide you with a plan to resolve your tax problem. At this meeting, we will give you an estimated cost for the services to carry out the plan developed.


IMPLEMENT THE PLAN Developed in Step 2

Upon accepting the Terms & Conditions in our service agreement as outlined in Step 2, we will immediately go to work solving your tax problem. We will get you set up in our eResolution Client Portal, giving you access to critical deadlines and next steps to view the progress of your case.

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