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Same Day Tax Help When and Where it Matters in Evansville

As Indiana’s leading IRS tax debt resolution firm, we’re ready to set you free from overwhelming tax debt.

The Tax Resolution Firm Evansville, IN Can Trust

If you’re trying to tackle tax troubles alone, navigating the maze of IRS rules and state tax intricacies can be costly and confusing. One misstep can mean more problems down the road. That’s where Lothamer Tax Resolution comes in. We’re your experts in conquering tax debt, filing overdue returns, and demystifying audits. We offer fast, affordable, and transparent solutions to pave your path to financial freedom. At Lothamer Tax Resolution, we’re here to take your financial picture from chaos to control.

Overdue returns? Mounting debt? Audit looming? Don’t let tax turmoil control your life. Lothamer Tax Resolution is ready to be your ally. We bring decades of experience and expertise to untangle the most complex tax situations. Whether it’s filing unfiled returns, settling back taxes, or navigating the IRS, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our fast, affordable, and transparent services empower you to reclaim financial control and get back on the road to freedom. Don’t let tax worries fester—contact us today and breathe easy again.

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Back Tax Relief & Audit Representation to Get Evansville Residents Back on Track

As a team of Enrolled Agents with backgrounds as tax debt attorneys and CPAs, we’ve learned how to see the optimal path out of any overwhelming tax problem. We’ve worked with people in just about every situation you can imagine, and we’re ready to start working on your ideal solution today. We bring together the right People + Technology to cut through the noise, develop a realistic plan, and execute—starting within 24 hours after you call us.

Don’t let the IRS or the State of Indiana tax authorities intimidate you into making a costly mistake. Arm yourself with professional representation and gain a true partner in your financial health. Whether you need unpaid tax debt help, advice for navigating an IRS audit, or relief from a burdensome wage garnishment, a call to Lothamer is your first step toward regaining financial independence.

How Our Evansville Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Debt Attorneys Do Things Differently

Our teams know Indiana tax law inside and out, and as Enrolled Agents, we’ve proven our ability to successfully negotiate with the IRS. Our uniquely personal approach puts you in contact with real experts right away, who will take action on your behalf the same day you call—no waiting weeks, no prohibitively expensive upfront fees, just the help you need.

  • Same-Day Representation
  • Speak to a Licensed Professional on Day 1
  • 360° Tax Resolution
  • Interest-Free Financing
  • Advanced Digital Tools
  • 24/7 Access to Case Status
  • Convenient Virtual Meetings
  • 40+ Years of Success

Make TODAY the day your tax situation changes. Lothamer is ready to take direct action with the IRS within 24 hours.

Top Tax Problems We Resolve in Indiana

Unfiled Tax Returns
Protect your Finances & Legal Standing When You Get Back on Track.

As the IRS increases their scrutiny, more people with delinquent tax returns will be facing penalties. If the IRS has contacted you or you know you’re several years behind, our team of unpaid tax debt attorneys and CPAs make catching up easy. No records? No problem—let us help.

Audit Representation
Keep Audits Short or Avoid Them Altogether with Our Tax Audit Help.

Don’t let the fear of an audit paralyze you. You don’t have to navigate the complex labyrinth of forms, regulations, and potential penalties alone. Take control of the situation by bringing in a team of Enrolled Agents and IRS audit lawyers who can illuminate the best path forward and stand beside you every step of the way.

Back Taxes
Can’t Pay What You Owe the IRS or State of Indiana? Get Back Tax Relief.

Before you lose your paycheck, your home, or other important assets, put our experienced team of Offer in Compromise lawyers and tax professionals on your side. We’ve helped countless people and businesses who owe tens of thousands in tax debt with personalized, optimized solutions, from back tax forgiveness to other IRS tax debt resolution plans.

Tax Liens and Asset Seizures
Don’t Let the Tax Authorities Seize Your Property for Unpaid Taxes. Take Action!

When you have seriously delinquent tax debt, the IRS will go to great lengths to get whatever they can from you. Whether that means heavily garnishing your wages, taking your property, or putting a lien on your home, these measures can be crippling. Get out from under the heavy burden you’re facing with help from our expert team.

Delinquent Payroll Taxes
Receive Professional Assistance For Delinquent Payroll Taxes

The IRS and State Authorities are actively seeking overdue payroll taxes. Allow us to assist your business in navigating through this challenging situation.

Wage Garnishments
Get Relief From Wage Garnishments & Bank Levies

Enlist the aid of our seasoned tax attorneys to unfreeze your bank account. We will advocate for a levy release, ensuring you retain your entire paycheck and reclaim financial freedom from the IRS.

Joint Vs. Separate Filing
How To Decide On Married Filing Jointly Vs. Separate

Choosing between Married Filing Joint and Married Filing Separate statuses can lead to significant financial implications. Let Lothamer guide you in making the right decision for your circumstances.

IRS Collection Division
Expert State & IRS Collections Help

When it comes to tax problems, the IRS & State tax authorities have four main administrative divisions: the Audit Division, the Collection Division, the Settlement Division, and Appeals.

Why Evansville Trusts Lothamer’s Tax Audit Lawyers, CPAs, & Enrolled Agents

Megan was very helpful.

Kieran H. - Evansville, IN

Great company to work with.

Todd H. - Evansville, IN

I called and the gave me great tax advice! Thank you Lothamer!

Alliey R. - Evansville, IN
Tax Relief Attorneys
A Person Using A Laptop Computer Sitting On Top Of A Table
Why Evansville Trusts Lothamer’s Tax Audit Lawyers, CPAs, & Enrolled Agents

Megan was very helpful.

Kieran H. - Evansville, IN

Great company to work with.

Todd H. - Evansville, IN

I called and the gave me great tax advice! Thank you Lothamer!

Alliey R. - Evansville, IN
a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table
How We Use People + Technology to Set You Free


Feel like you’re drowning in tax debt? We’re your lifeline. Audits, back taxes, payment plans—we cut through the red tape to find solutions that will truly work for your unique situation. With fast, efficient, and affordable representation, let’s simplify your tax story together.


Since 1978, Lothamer Tax Resolution has stood as a pillar of tax expertise in the Midwest, advocating for individuals and businesses with unwavering dedication. Our team of Enrolled Agents, who are also CPAs and tax attorneys, are each driven by a lifelong commitment to empowering clients through tax representation.


We’re in the business of helping people reach their financial goals—not creating yet another burden on their financial health. Instead of demanding high upfront service fees, we offer flexible, interest-free financing plans to our clients. That way, you can take action today!


We put the industry’s best and brightest together with leading-edge technology to optimize your experience with tax resolution. This winning combination has allowed us to achieve a 93% Offer in Compromise success rate and settle over $1 billion in tax debt. You’ll never have to wonder where you stand with Lothamer!

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