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The IRS has social media you can follow

Would you like a direct source for IRS tips or updates? The IRS has taken advantage of the many opportunities that social media has to offer us. Truth be told, the IRS does not want anyone to get in trouble,…

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Learn all about IRS Criminal Investigations

How does it start? If the IRS suspects fraudulent activity from information given by a revenue agent, revenue officer, ongoing investigations by law enforcement agencies, attorney offices, or even tips from the general public. This information is given to a…

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Wages for Section 199A

The new IRS proposed regulations confirm that the S corporation treats as wages the reasonable compensation that it pays to its shareholder-employees. That’s good, and it opens planning opportunities. Even better! There had been some commentators who claimed that wages…

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Rental Property Losses

Drive Time Increases Odds of Deducting Rental Property Losses Your rental properties provide tax shelter when you can deduct your losses against your other income. One step to deducting the losses is to pass the tax code’s 750-hour test. And…

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Tax scams and fake IRS calls

If you have, or even haven’t received a text, call, letter, or email in relations to the IRS for a variety of reasons we have some information and insights relating to the types of scams currently happening and what to…

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Triple-net Leases

If you use triple-net leases for your rental properties, you may wonder whether you’ll get your Section 199A deduction. We don’t have a clear answer for you, so we are going to go with “maybe.” As you’ll see, we need…

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