Tax Liens & Asset Seizures

Remove Tax Liens & Prevent Asset Seizures. Call Us Today If You've Received Notice of State or Federal Lien

The IRS can make your life very difficult by filing Tax Liens.

Tax Liens are among the methods employed by the IRS to collect money owed to them by delinquent taxpayers.

A Tax Lien is permitted by law on any delinquent taxes to secure the payment of taxes. A tax lien filed against you attaches to all property you own, whether it be real or personal, granting the IRS or State the authority to seize proceeds from sales of real estate or any other property you own. Tax Liens can also make it impossible to obtain credit or refinance your home. Tax Liens are generally filed in the county or parish in which you reside.

If the IRS is unable to recover delinquent taxes with a Lien, they will resort to asset levies and subsequent seizures. The IRS can confiscate almost all of your assets; including your home, automobile, boat, wedding ring, and computer.

The longer you wait, the greater you risk losing important rights or even worse, experiencing a levy on property and potential IRS asset seizure. If you’ve received a Notice of Lien, contact us immediately for help. We will do everything in our power to remove the Tax Lien and negotiate a favorable resolution on your behalf. In certain cases, Tax Liens can be subordinated to allow for re-financing of your property.

Note: If you have a significant tax problem (i.e. owing back taxes) there may be a Lien on your credit without you even knowing it (we’ve helped clients remove liens that were only discovered during a potential employer’s screening process, for example).

For help with tax lien removal please contact us at (877) 829-2455 or schedule a initial consultation.

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