We received a phone call the other day from a man wondering if we could connect him to JK Harris. He had been calling JK Harris, never getting connected, and he needed an update on his account with them. The Lothamer employee who answered was confused, and apologized telling this man that we are not affiliated with JK Harris, but if he needed any tax help in the future to give us a call back and that we’d be happy to help him. After this conversation, the Lothamer employee tried calling the national JK Harris number as well as a few local numbers, and none of them even rang.

It turns out JK Harris’ plan for bankruptcy reconstruction has now been turned into liquidation. Not only is this bad news for the more than one hundred people losing their jobs, but this is awful news for any client who was expecting JK Harris to resolve their tax issue. Most have already paid JK Harris for their services and will now have to start over, most without getting that initial money spent back. While this is a financial burden on these clients, there is also the issue of time. Many tax issues can be time-sensitive, with firm deadlines that need to be met.

Well, our phone is still ringing.

We are ready to give you the tax help that you need. If you are a confused former client of JK Harris’, or if you are going through a tax issue and would like to talk to someone you can trust, give us a call. Setting up a initial consultation is easy, and our experienced CPAs, attorneys, and enrolled agents are ready to work hard for you.

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