The holiday season can be stressful. With crowded malls, searching long and hard for the right gifts, staying within budget, and making sure you don’t forget anyone on your holiday card list – sometimes the cheer is taken right out of the season. Now imagine how much harder all of that would be if you had a levy on your bank account? Or, if the IRS was flooding your mailbox with overdue tax notices?

Talk about taxing.

If you know that someone you care about is struggling and needs tax help this holiday season, here is a gift idea that you may not have considered. You could give the gift of offering to help pay for their tax issue to be resolved by professionals. You would be giving them the gift of not having to deal with the stress of opening letter after letter from the IRS. Or the gift of being able to sleep at night knowing that the CPAs and attorneys at Lothamer are on their side, working hard to resolve their issue for them.

This holiday season, give the gift that could significantly change a loved one’s current situation. Refer them to our office, and assure them that you will be there financially along their journey to resolution.

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