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Lothamer Tax Resolution provides tax resolution services for tax problems of businesses and individuals in Rockford and across Northern Illinois. From individuals to large-business with complex tax issues, our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and enrolled agents can help you solve your tax problem.

Lothamer Tax Resolution has been providing tax resolution services since 1978. Through our Rockford, IL office, we are passionate about helping people find solutions for all their fiscal emergencies so they can get back on track without any worries hanging over them anymore.

Tax Representation & IRS Help

Lothamer Tax Resolution is one of the most successful and well-known tax resolution firms in Rockford, Illinois. We’ve helped thousands find solutions for their taxes from solving complicated problems with the IRS or state of Illinois. We address a wide range of issues, such as:

  • The IRS or Illinois Treasury Department has been contacting you about your taxes
  • You are expecting to be contacted by the IRS soon
  • Your wages are being garnished
  • Your personal assets have been seized
  • You are unable to pay the taxes you owe
  • There is a levy on your bank account
  • You have delinquent payroll taxes

Those who have not filed their taxes for years could see some major benefits. Not only will they be able get back taxes and stimulus checks, but also have a clean slate of accounts. We have years of experience and can provide immediate relief or long-term solutions that will save money in the future.

Give our Rockford office a call at (779) 256-6004 to schedule a free initial consultation. We will find out if you are eligible for any of these tax resolution solutions:

IRS Fresh Start Program

You can save money on your taxes by taking advantage of the Fresh Start Program. We'll help you exclude income producing assets and claim expenses that are reasonable, necessary living expenses which will allow for a more favorable agreement than what's available through normal methods. Both individuals and businesses are eligible for the IRS Fresh Start Program.

Offer in Compromise

The Illinois Offer in Compromise program can reduce your overall tax burden by allowing you to pay off debts with a lump sum. This offer is only valid for those who qualify, the average acceptance rate for those who try to qualify on their own is only 50%. At Lothamer, our clients see an acceptance rate of over 90%.

Bank Levy & Wage Garnishment Release

We at Lothamer know you depend on a consistent source of income to pay bills and essential living expenses. We will help stop the levies immediately so that you or your business can continue operating without interruption.

Penalty & Interest Abatement

The IRS pressures businesses and individuals to pay taxes on time by imposing harsh penalties. However circumstances may arise where you are eligible to apply for a penalty and interest abatement with the IRS.

Installment Agreement

If you are unable to pay your taxes, creating an installment agreement can help avoid penalties and interest. Installment agreement may help avoid you from paying off more than the original balance owed and can set up a process that works well for your financial situation. The process is not simple, and not everyone is eligible. We can determine if creating an installment agreement is in your best interest.

Statute of Limitation

Your tax debt is not forgotten about at the IRS. They have 10 years to collect unpaid taxes, which we can help you avoid by identifying Collection Statute End Dates (CSEDs) for periods in your records and providing solutions so enforcement activity won't take place until that date arrives. Additionally if there were previous years where unpaid refunds are owed to you, we can identify those for you.


Filing for bankruptcy may be just one part in a comprehensive plan to reduce tax liability. It can eliminate unsecured non-tax debts, stop penalties and interest from accruing further on your balance due as well releasing levies. We can help determine if bankruptcy is a good solution for your business and if Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is ideal.

Currently Not Collectible Status

The IRS Currently Non-Collectible status is often an ideal interim solution while preparing a Offer in Compromise, filing for bankruptcy or letting Statute of Limitations expire.

Worry no more about your tax problems – contact the experts. We have a team of CPAs, lawyers and enrolled agents who will work on your side to find a tax solution that is tailored to your situation.

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