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Settle Your Personal Tax Debt & IRS Problems with Professional Assistance

If you’re in debt to the IRS or a state government, it’s only a matter of time before threatening notices start stacking up at your doorstep—if they haven’t already.

Whatever your reasons for not filing past due tax returns or not paying back tax debt, it’s in your best interest to establish resolution on your tax liabilities as quickly as possible.

If you owe less than $25,000, getting a resolution can be as simple as visiting the IRS website and setting up a 5-year payment plan (provided you file up-to-date and pay on time going forward). If you owe more than $25,000 or if you’re unable to make payments, however, seeking out professional assistance can mean the difference between keeping and losing your full paycheck, home, and other personal property.

Whether assisting clients with preparing years of unfiled tax returns, or negotiating aggressive debt settlements, we’ve helped thousands of individuals resolve personal tax problems since 1978. We’ve helped singles and married couples with high incomes and low incomes regain their financial freedom. We’ve fought for baby boomers and twenty-somethings, independent contractors and salaried workers, truck drivers, musicians, business executives, and physicians.

We’ve dealt with every reason under the sun for why taxpayers haven’t filed and/or paid their taxes.

Although every person’s case is unique, the overall goal of the IRS and other taxing authorities is to collect as much of the balance owed to them as possible. Although taxing authorities wield a terrifying amount of power and can be extremely difficult to deal with independently, they recognize that circumstances such as financial hardship may hinder a person’s ability to pay back the full amount they owe.

This recognition allows you to reduce (and, in some cases, eliminate) the amount you owe, or break up your tax bill into a manageable payment plan. Your odds of effectively negotiating a settlement with the IRS may be improved dramatically when you have an Enrolled Agent who is also a CPA or attorney representing you.

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