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June 2017 Newsletter

Man Claims He Didn’t File Tax Returns Because of the Bible

James Schlosser of PA was convicted of failing to file tax returns for 21 years because he considered using a Social Security number akin to using the “mark of the beast” spelled out in the Bible. Schlosser failed to file returns from 1994 to 2014 on his earnings of approximately $2.3 million as a medical equipment salesman. The prosecution showed he funneled the income through foreign business trusts and corporations registered in Nevada. Schlosser could face 5 years in prison and $450,000 in fines.

Weird State Tax Facts

Alabama-Residents still pay a Confederate veterans tax, despite the fact that all Civil War veterans are long dead. Nowadays the tax supports the Confederate Memorial Park.

  • Arkansas Charges a 6% tax on body piercings, tattoos and electrolysis.
  • South Carolina Any meat packer or butcher in the state can get a $50 rebate by donating a deer carcass to charity to be used to feed the hungry.
  • Arizona Ice cubes are exempt from sales tax because they are used in mixed drinks. Blocks of ice are not.
  • New York There is no tax on the sale of whole bagels, but an 8.875% tax is charged if you get it sliced.
  • Illinois Candy made without flour, such as Twix is not taxed. If candy is made with flour, such as Snickers, it’s taxed at 5%.
  • Missouri Single men between the ages of 21 and 50 must pay a $1 annual tax. The law was enacted in 1820 to encourage more men to marry.
  • Colorado Coffee cup lids are taxed at 2.9%, but not the coffee cup itself.
  • Utah Since 2004, Utah charges a 10% tax on escort services and strip clubs.
  • Hawaii Residents can claim up to $3,000 in personal income tax deductions for maintaining “exceptional” trees on their property.
  • New Jersey Pumpkins that are sold as decorations are subject to sales tax. If you plan to eat the pumpkin, the sale is tax free.

If you get a questionable notice or phone call feel free to call or email Lothamer at 877-472-0021, toll free at 1-800-619-8277 or [email protected]

Your IRS Questions Answered Here…

Question: I own a small business and in order to keep afloat, I did not send the IRS my employee’s withholding taxes for a few years. How much trouble will I be in?

Answer: Owing 941 payroll taxes is very different from owing personal income taxes. Not only can the IRS padlock the doors to your business, they can come after you personally, levy your bank accounts, confiscate your receivables and seize your property. Scarier still is that it could turn into a criminal matter. Why? Because the money has already been deducted from your employee’s payroll checks; so it’s not your money to begin with! The IRS will look at it as if you stole their money. Payroll tax delinquency is the IRS’s number one enforcement priority.
You need to get help from an experienced professional who deals with the IRS every day. We can assess your situation and figure out the best way to protect you, and will take over all dealings with the IRS so you don’t have to. Don’t let them take everything you’ve worked so hard for; call us today!

We at Lothamer Tax Resolution are experts in tax resolution and help taxpayers like you with their IRS Problems every day.

We here at Lothamer Tax Resolution will make sure all your rights are protected!

Are You My Next Client of the Month?

This month’s Client of the Month is Gregory of Lansing, MI.
Gregory’s balances originally began over $158KK with the IRS and he settled his balances with IRS for just $13,875.00.

Congratulations Greg!!!

You might be my next Client of the Month too!
Watch for your name here in an upcoming month.

Recent Lothamer results of Offer in Compromise settlements:

Amount of Tax Owed           Settlement Amount           Total Saved       Offer #

$158,167.39                           $13,875.00                         $144,292.39                10324

$15,569.81                              $1316.00                          $14,253.81                 10402

$34,588.21                            $17,616.00                         $16,972.21                  2288

$342,075.25                             $3,464.00                         $338,611.25                3354


Two junior doctors were involved in a fight in the hospital. A senior consultant had to pull them apart. “What’s all this about?” asked the consultant angrily. “It’s the Tax Inspector in C ward,” said one. “He’s only got 2 days to live.” “He had to be told.” said the second doctor. “I know,” said the first, “but I wanted to be the one to tell him!”

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We at Lothamer Tax Resolution are experts in tax resolution and help taxpayers with their IRS Problems every day.

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