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Do I Need a Law Firm, Accounting Firm, or Tax Resolution Firm?

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When you’re in hot water with the IRS or state tax authorities, your smartest move is to seek help from a tax professional. Maybe you can’t pay the thousands of dollars in back taxes you owe. Maybe you’re receiving intimidating notices from the IRS about asset seizures. In any of these situations, it’s natural to wonder who to call for help: a law firm, an accounting firm, or a tax resolution firm?

Any of these various firms may have tax professionals on staff who can help clients deal with the IRS. But the best type of firm for you depends on your unique situation. This guide will help you make that determination.

At Lothamer Tax Resolution, we have tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents on our team working tirelessly to help clients find the ideal resolution for their tax problems. If you need urgent tax help, call or text us today at (877) 955-9020.

Law Firms

Some tax attorneys work at law firms, taking on legally complex tax situations on behalf of their clients. Tax attorneys must go to law school and pass the bar exam, as well as earn a handful of other qualifications and licenses that vary by state.

Tax Problems Law Firms Solve

Tax attorneys or tax lawyers working at law firms are authorized to represent clients in US Tax Court. They have extensive experience and knowledge of legal matters as they relate to IRS tax problems and tax crimes, making them a good choice for anyone facing legal proceedings.

  • Tax evasion representation
  • Tax fraud representation
  • Tax lawsuits & litigation
  • Legal counsel

When to Use a Tax Law Firm

Going to a tax law firm is the best option if you are facing criminal charges relating to your tax issues or you expect to go to Tax Court. If you intend to sue the IRS, are dealing with legal disputes such as withholding tax disputes, or are facing tax crime allegations, these firms are best suited to represent and advise you.

Accounting Firms

If you contact an accounting firm, you may work with one of a variety of accounting professionals. They could be Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), tax examiners, auditors, or another type of accountant, depending on their license. These professionals are typically trained in accounting, auditing, business concepts, and regulations, among other subjects.

Tax Problems Accountants Solve

CPAs and other accountants should have a thorough knowledge of accounting principles, financial planning, and tax returns. They can assist you in dealing with the IRS, though they may not be as experienced with various tax laws and complex issues. For example, CPAs frequently provide audit representation, but not all are experienced with Offer in Compromise negotiation for tax debt problems.

  • General tax planning and preparation
  • First-time penalty abatements
  • Setting up installment agreements
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Financial advice

When to Use an Accounting Firm

An accounting firm is a good option if you are looking for long-term financial planning and assistance. If you want someone to help you prepare and file your taxes each year, keep track of your books, and monitor your or your business’s financial health, an accounting firm is likely the right choice.

An accounting firm may not be the best choice, however, if you are struggling to pay back overwhelming tax debt, have seriously delinquent tax returns, or are facing other urgent, complex financial problems like wage garnishment. If you’re feeling underwater and need a life raft out of your situation, you should consider a tax resolution firm.

Tax Resolution Firms

Tax resolution firms are where licensed tax professionals known as Enrolled Agents can help you resolve your tax issues for good. At Lothamer Tax Resolution, all of our Enrolled Agents are either CPAs or tax attorneys who are approved to represent taxpayers before the IRS through the power of attorney.

Problems Tax Resolution Firms Solve

Enrolled Agents are experts authorized by the government to negotiate with the IRS for any problems relating to appeals, audits, collections, and more. They take over all communication with the IRS and use their strategic insight to solve their clients’ complex and urgent tax debt problems.

When to Use a Tax Resolution Firm

If you owe over $10,000 to the IRS, have received notices or visits from auditors or collection officers, or are missing records that would help you get current on your tax returns, a tax resolution firm can help. These experienced tax professionals specialize in solving problems and helping clients in precarious financial situations, from businesses behind in payroll taxes to inheritance tax disputes and beyond.

The Lothamer Tax Resolution Advantage

Many tax relief companies only hire tax attorneys, CPAs, or Enrolled Agents, but not all three. Lothamer Tax Resolution is different. Our team has an unmatched depth of experience, and we will put you with the right tax professional for your situation from Day 1.

Too often, nationwide tax resolution firms rely on lead-generating marketing companies to filter their calls. That means when you call, you speak to a salesperson or marketing rep, not an actual tax professional. Then you have to wait days—sometimes weeks—for a qualified professional to get back to you.

At Lothamer, your time is incredibly important to us. Our Enrolled Agents all have prior experience as either CPAs or tax attorneys, and we’ll make sure you get same-day help when and where you need it. Learn more about The Lothamer Advantage here.

Advanced Tax Help for Individuals & Businesses

If you’re ready to overcome a seemingly insurmountable tax issue and move forward with your life, Lothamer Tax Resolution is here for you. With same-day tax help from a team of tax professionals who strive to be the most transparent and available in the industry, you can achieve financial freedom. We’ve seen it all, and we’re ready to meet you where you are throughout the Midwest.

Lothamer Tax Resolution: EAs, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Since 1978, Lothamer Tax Resolution has helped individuals and businesses in the Midwest take on the IRS and state tax authorities. Not only do we pursue the best strategy for your immediate situation—we also focus on rehabilitating your financial health for the future. Text or call (877) 955-9020 or contact us online to tell us more about your case and take your first step to tax relief today!

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