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Fully Committed to Restoring Your Financial Health and Resolving Your Tax Debt.

We’re not just different from the average firm offering tax resolution services—we’re better than them.

It’s not just because we only entrust your case to experienced Enrolled Agents, who also happen to be Certified Public Accountants and Tax Attorneys. It’s not just because our eResolution Center client portal offers unparalleled control and transparency into your case. It’s because we want to go above and beyond the scope of just tax debt resolution. We want to show you how to get back on track with filing and paying your taxes on time by introducing you to our proven methods that show you how to handle your money differently.

We want to enable you to sleep better at night, take a vacation, buy a car, or start a family. To help you get on with your life, we offer interest-free financing and negotiable payment plans (in contrast to many tax resolution companies who require large retainers up front or charge an “Investigative Fee”, or a “Research & Advise Fee”, just to review your situation before telling you what your options are).


Here are some of the key differences between us and our competition:


  • initial consultation With An Enrolled Agent Who Is Also A CPA Or An Attorney

    Your initial consultation will be with an Enrolled Agent who is also a CPA or an attorney. Enrolled Agents are licensed by the Federal Government, while CPAs and Attorneys are licensed by the State. All of our case managers are both Enrolled Agents and CPAs or attorneys. Your initial consultation will be conducted by an experienced professional who has actually done IRS representation, as opposed to a “Sales Person”, whose only job is to sign someone up. Furthermore, Free means Free. You will not be asked to pay an “Investigative Fee” or a “Research & Advise Fee” to find out your options because the person conducting the initial consultation has no working knowledge or experience.

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  • 360-Degree Tax Resolution

    We will fight to help you regain financial freedom from the IRS and other tax agencies. Whether that means negotiating a debt settlement or payment plan with the IRS, helping you prepare your taxes, repairing your credit, or reorganizing your business, we have the expertise to help you get on with your life.

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  • Deeper Qualifications

    Lothamer is a team of Certified Public Accountants and Tax Attorneys, practicing as Enrolled Agents. We leverage our diverse certifications to explore every possible angle to successfully resolve your case. This may involve reorganizing your business, filing an Offer in Compromise, securing a Stay on Collection, filing for Bankruptcy, requesting Currently Non-collectible Status, examining Statute of Limitations, or a combination of these services.

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  • Free Financing

    If you can’t afford to pay large service fees up front, we grant payment arrangements over a reasonable period of time, and we do NOT charge interest. In addition, our Peace-of-Mind Representation means that as long as you faithfully make your payment, we perform the contracted services whenever needed. This means regardless of the amount you have paid on your case, we render the contracted-for services whenever required. You will not be asked to pay more on your account just because the IRS wants it sooner; this gives you as the client, peace of mind, knowing you are represented at all times.

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  • Proven Processes

    We employ proven strategies that produce real relief and financial savings for clients. We’ve represented thousands of taxpayers before the IRS since 1978 and we're still growing. With Lothamer, there is no guess work, just proven results that get you the tax help you need.

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  • eResolution Client Portal

    Gain 24/7 access to your case and receive one-on-one access to your Case Manager and a team of tax professionals. Lothamer’s eResolution Client Portal is revolutionary, in that it provides a direct link to your case manager. Your case starts with meeting your case manager, by viewing his or her picture, along with his or her bio. From there, you have on-line, real time access to your case manager during normal business hours, and after business hours, you are able to view the latest on your case, which shows any activity on your case, including upcoming hearings, deadlines, and results of meetings with the IRS. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can elect to receive emails or text messages on your phone to check the portal.

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If you are in need ofPeace-of-Mind Representation, call us at (877) 829-2455 to schedule your initial consultation.

eResolution™ Client Portal

eResolution™Center users gain 24/7 access to their case and receive one-on-one access to their case manager and a team of tax professionals.