Lothamer Tax Service has been very comforting to me in resolving my tax issues to all points. They have always answered and returned my calls in a very timely manner. Kale – Carson City
"I was very satisfied with the services provided, and I would strongly recommend Lothamer to any colleague with similar needs.“ Doug – Flint, Michigan
"Wayne Miller’s work and dedication to his clients is outstanding. He is the consummate professional; he is well informed and stayed on top of my case with excellent communication the entire time.“ Derek – Lansing, Michigan
"I appreciate everything Lothamer did for me. They were very helpful. If it had not been for them, I do not know what I would have done. Thank you for everything you’ve done.“ Cheryl – Lansing, Michigan
"I suspect many of your potential clients come to you as we did, having procrastinated significant problems to the point that we were overwhelmed & consumed with fear. We faced a levy that would have decimated our family. Not only did you halt the levy on the day of our first visit, you negotiated alternative arrangements that are allowing us to maintain our lifestyle, payoff our past debts and ensure against future problems - not to mention save our credit record!“ Bruce – East Lansing, Michigan
"It took me many years before I would believe there was any help for my problem. It's hard to believe that it's all settled. I wish I hadn't waited so long." William – Mt. Morris, Michigan
"I was very pleased with the services I received. I am so very happy I was helped, everyone was so professional." Linda – Flint, Michigan
"Making payments instead of paying the whole payment up front helped me a lot. I owed a lot that I could never have paid; now I am settled with the I.R.S and didn't lose my home in the process! I am thankful to Lothamer P.C. for giving me back my life by taking me out of financial stress. There is hope for the future...." Vickie – Lansing, Michigan
"I could get nowhere with the IRS. Lothamer got their attention and settled my case." James – Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Open, honest, and frank discussion with Lothamer P.C., made me sleep better at night knowing that my I.R.S. burden is finally resolved." Dale – Holland, Michigan
"You accomplished more than two previous tax representatives could. I highly recommend Lothamer, P.C. If they can't resolve it – it can't be resolved!" Scott – East Lansing, Michigan
"We were received with a professional environment. Our problem had already been discussed prior to our appointment and our resolution and needs were outlined to prevent it from happening again." Rudy – Perry, Michigan
“After 30 years as a health care professional, I became disabled and had to file for bankruptcy. The IRS did not acknowledge the court and charged me more late fees, interest and penalties on top of the $16,000.00 owed in back taxes. When I was employed I paid $500.00 a month to the IRS but most of that went to interest and penalties. Mr. Lothamer was hired and now I dont have to pay the IRS the back taxes.“ Elizabeth – Leslie, Michigan

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