We Forge Partnerships with Law Offices, Accounting Firms, Banks and Other Financial Services Companies That Can Provide Relief to Taxpayers in Need of Assistance.

The process of settling tax and financial problems can be a long and difficult one without a strong group of experts advocating on one’s behalf. As a result, Lothamer interfaces with a network of other tax, financial, and legal professionals to offer the best representation possible regardless of the unique predicament the taxpayer is in.

Why Attorneys Refer Clients to Lothamer

Many attorneys lack the resources and knowledge to deal with the IRS and many other tax matters. Lothamer bridges this gap by bringing the necessary professional experience and recourses to take on your tax problems head on.

Why Attorneys need Lothamer:

  • Attorneys are not Certified Public Accountants and are not necessarily versed in the many aspects of tax and accounting issues.
  • Lothamer has extensive experience in dealing with the IRS Audit and Collections Divisions, as well as the Appeals Division, where many cases can be settled without having to resort to tax court.
  • Having worked in tax resolution for more the 26 years, Lothamer P.C. has kept up with all the new developments in collection and due process rights.
  • In many cases, back tax returns must be prepared and filed. Lothamer maintains complete operating tax software for the last 15 years.

Why CPAs Refer Clients to Lothamer

The majority of Certified Public Accountants focus on current year tax preparation and compliance. Generally CPA firms are not setup to deal with chronic non-compliance or when the IRS has begun to take collection action. At Lothamer, we specialize in bringing taxpayers back into compliance and settling all disputes with the IRS.

Why CPAs need Lothamer:

  • CPAs need Lothamer to bring clients back into compliance.
  • Lothamer specializes in forensic accounting and tax preparations when clients have missing records or have no records.
  • Many CPA firms lack the experience that Lothamer possesses in dealing with the collection division of the IRS.
  • Additionally Lothamer has a proven track record of releasing levies, liens, and wage garnishments.
  • Lothamer has 15 years of working tax and accounting software as well as the paper forms and instructions back to 1955.

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