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Where’s My W2

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With tax season quickly approaching, it’s important to remember to get your W-2 before January 31st. This will make doing your current year taxes quick and easy.

Unfortunately, this isn’t such a quick and easy task when you’re looking for a W-2 from last year, or for some people, ten years ago. We understand that there are people who haven’t filed their taxes in years, and while they are ready to lift this lingering burden off of their shoulders, they don’t even know how to start because they have since misplaced their past W-2’s.

Set up a initial consultation with one of our CPAs, attorneys, or enrolled agents. They are capable and have the experience to find them for you. Let us do the searching and get you current with filing your taxes. That way, when January 31st comes around next year, you will only have to worry about getting your current W-2’s. Quick and easy.

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Service is by appointment only with flexible times making Lothamer easy to work with. Work directly with a Lothamer tax help expert.

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Service is by appointment only with flexible times making Lothamer easy to work with. Work directly with a Lothamer tax help expert.


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